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Finding Stillness & Silence through embodied somatics practices using Traditional & Functional Healing Methods

-Elite Perfomance Coaching

-Trauma -Informed Theraputic Breathwork

-Abdomen & Womb Care Therapy

-Healing the disconnect between you and yourselve

It is your birthright to have  a life that is full of goodness, health, wealth & abundance & most of all inner peace. 

Life storms (unpleasant experiences we endure) are here to teach and help  us to grow,  and evolve into the bestest version of ourselves. Not to get lost or stuck in the pain of anger of the past or the experience.


You are worthy you are enough and your so  deserves your dreams to be fulfilled  

We all, every single  one of us,  have our own inner  battles to attend to. Whether this be anger, shame, guilt  disconnection, dissociation, loneliness, unhealthy attachments,


 These battles stem from unresolved childhood trauma that comes from the environment that you were brought up in. 

Family & ancestral dynamics, religious/cultural doctrines, schooling/education systems as well as external pressures  of  society & media.


When trauma is unresolved and still within our operating systems (subconscious/mind) we  are recreating the experience in all areas of our life from friendships, intimate relationships and working environments. 


To stop this ‘ground-hog experience’ I believe the first step  of  healing  is when we,  as  individuals, take ownership of our own unpleasant life experiences.  Understand what is going on within (inside you) and seek to resolve the pain and suffering so you can live, feel alive, breathe  and be a presence to life's wonders. Most of you reclaim your power and become self validating.

 It comes from bridging and realigning the fragmented parts of you  that are  between  the past, present, and future; between the body, mind, spirit and energy; It comes from embracing the rawness and the roller coaster of the human experience, and finding the resilience  that is held within wisdom of the body & spirit.  

My approach is a co-active approach with the client , trauma informed, body, mind, spirit & energy led. This approach supports the client back to their true authentic self - without apologizing. 

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1:1 & Group Facilitation

Elite Performace Coaching, Trauma-Informed Theraputic Breathwork & Abdomen & Wombcare (Mizan Therapy)

A holistic approach to your energic, emotional & mental well-being

What I do...

About Re’hilah

Re’hilah has dedicated over a decade of her life finding and learning how to live a life full of intention, meaning, and joy, she has been healing and resolving her own traumatic experiences which have  incurred since  birth. Re’hilah  has found inner peace and resilience through her journey of healing her disconnect to herself Re’hilah originally  graduated with a BSC (Hons) & PGCE in Manufacturing Engineer   & Design & Technology and  has been working as  Procurement Project Manager (certified Prince 2)  for 20 years

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The 3’s in life Choices, Chances & Change 


You must make the Choice,

 to take the Chance,

 if you want anything in life to Change 

Dr Gabor Mate - The first experience of Trauma is the disconnect to your authetic self - this happens in childhood


Yesterday's Breathwork and prompting to complete with and let go of 'emotional of baggage' was surreal! It made me disconnect from an energy vampire who had been in my for 30 years! I can't thank you enough and look forward to next week's session.

- Shueb Ahmed

Salam Sister. Just wanted to thank you for the breathwork session yesterday. The sessions have been in credible, I feel lighter and cleaner now! I told my husband about the experience of our sessions and he really pleased and would like to book to!

- Shamima Mirza

Dear Rehila - thank you for the Mizan Therapy and Breathwork. I have felt this can relief for a long time! The you care and appreciation of my circumstance really made feel safe and secure. I feel nurtured and care for - Thank you again

- Leanne Evans Thompson

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