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Hello & Welcome 

                                 SimplyInnerWorks CIC

Is a trauma informed Holistic and Wellness Service Provider for Marginalised and Low Income Communities.

We are here to  break the chains of Oppression, Discrimination and Displacement

We care about  HUMANITY (you), the ENVIRONMENT and the EARTH

We promote inclusion and diversity of all faiths, genders and cultures.

We  are about  reclaiming our Humanness through Social Justice & Civil Rights practices

Providing Services,  that  bring  balance and nourishment to your mental, physical & emotional health 

We provide bespoke educational and healing programmes  to individuals and communities that promote a healthier & Wealthier lifestyles.


Our programs aim to educate individuals about the nature of trauma and how it affects daily life, both personally and collectively. We equip you with essential tools to navigate through stressful times, such as breath and somatic work, conscious coaching, womb and abdomen care, and creative/nature therapy.


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Use this space to introduce yourself and share your professional history.

The NHS has limited provision in this area,  The waiting list for conventional therapy  and medicine  has become longer than previous, private healthcare & alternative therapy is a luxury for the average person in the UK.

Research has indicated the  inequalities of healthcare among marginalised communities especially the ethic groups of the Global South.

We are here to  break these paradigms and support these service at low or zero cost

Our purpose is to foster a cohesive community by dissolving stigmas and barriers related to race, religion, gender, and social class that can lead to isolation. We assist individuals & groups  who struggle with social anxiety, limiting beliefs, lack of family support, and the effects of abuse or societal marginalization for not conforming to the norm. Our aim is to provide a supportive environment that empowers those who have been cast aside or left behind.


We work to rebuild & reconstruct a strong foundation with individuals and communities with our 9 dimensions of prosperity

Empowering Growth Creating Solidarity 

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What We Do ..

We focus  on addressing the root causes of personal, family, and collective trauma. We acknowledge & recognize how systems of capitalism, imperialism, status hierarchies, and classism have perpetuated unhealthy, toxic patterns of behaviour  that get passed down through generations and pervade society.

These destructive cycles, not only impact human wellbeing but also harm the land and environment we inhabit. By confronting these real issues head-on, we aim to break free from generational trauma and heal ourselves as well as the natural world around us.


About Re’hilah

Re’hilah is the founder of SimpyInnerWorks.

She has been on the road to self discovery and healing for over a decade now, Using different tools and techniques that suit her body, mind and spirit at the given time.

Re’hilah  has found a sense of calmness and peace, gained positive resilience and strength  through her journey of disconnect to herself.

From 2019 she retrained and continues to train as Trauma Informed Breathwork Facilitator, Holistic Career & Life Coach (Improving performance & productivity by becoming a Values led Self Leader) & Wombcare Practioner.

Originally  graduated with a BSC (Hons) & PGCE in Manufacturing Engineer  & Design & Technology and  has been working as  Procurement Project Manager (certified Prince 2)  for 20 years

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The 3’s in life Choices, Chances & Change 


You must make the Choice,

 to take the Chance,

 if you want anything in life to Change 

Dr Gabor Mate - The first experience of Trauma is the disconnect to your authetic self - this happens in childhood


From 1:1  Sessions Yesterday's Breathwork and prompting to complete with and let go of 'emotional of baggage' was surreal! It made me disconnect from an energy vampire who had been in my for 30 years! I can't thank you enough and look forward to next week's session. 

- Shabber Ahmed

I have had weekly breathwork sessions with Rehilah for around a couple of months and have found them to be hugely beneficial. Not only does it assist me with the busyness of life but also to process external events with a much more balanced approach. Rehilah's calm, polite and professional demeanour allows relaxation and ease during each session and kindness shines throughout. These sessions are highly recommend to anyone and thank you again.

Samina Sadiq from the Sunday Breathing Human Liberation Group 

From 1:1 sessions Salam Sister. Just wanted to thank you for the breathwork session yesterday. The sessions have been in credible, I feel lighter and cleaner now! I told my husband about the experience of our sessions and he really pleased and would like to book to!

- Shamima Mirza

From Group work Dear Rehila - thank you for the Mizan Therapy and Breathwork. I have felt this can relief for a long time! The you care and appreciation of my circumstance really made feel safe and secure. I feel nurtured and care for - Thank you again

- Leanne Evans Thompson


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