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Conscious Connected Breathwork  is an opportunity to go within, connect with yourself, in a space of non-judgement, non-hindrance, acceptance and understanding.
Moving beyond personal limitations, challenging stuck emotions and overcoming hurtful experiences.
Finding stability, grounding and self-acceptance first and foremost within yourself.

Connect with your body through to your mind, heart and spirit!  

Experience life from a place of safety, secureness and once of enjoyment.

  • How does Mizan Therapy help women?
    The uterus is held in place by muscles and ligaments that can become contracted or over-stretched, allowing the womb to move out of her optimum position. This can lead to many varied symptoms. Mizan strengthens the ligaments, allowing them to heal and as they do so, guiding the uterus back into her centre.
  • What causes the womb to move out of position?
    There are many causes, sometimes we know the reasons, sometimes not, but Mizan can be effective even if we don’t know the answer to that question. Here are some of the main causes: High impact exercise, particularly running on cement surfaces, gymnastics, trampolining… A modern lack of understanding of the needs of women, particularly during menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth and during the post natal time. Falls to the sacrum and lower back, car accidents, blows to the head Previous abdominal surgery Chronic muscle spasm on the lower back and sacrum Time, age, gravity Emotional trauma
  • How do I know if my uterus is tilted?
    The main indicators are symptoms. Here are some of the main ones: Painful menstruation & Irregular menstruation Painful ovulation Endometriosis Fibroids Polyps Headaches/migraines with menstruation Low back ache with menstruation Frequent urination, bladder infections, Chronic constipation Frequent vaginal infections Menopausal symptoms
  • Who is Mizan Therapy for?
    For everyone! Men, Women Children & particular if a person is going through Gender Transition.
  • How many session should I have?
    A minimum of 6 I would be good to see full benefits - however 3 is good to.
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