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Building  Diverse Communities and healing through Creative 

SimplyInnerWorks sponsors and collaborates with Creative Kindness, a mental health grassroots movement focussed on bringing children and parents together from all backgrounds to commune and connect through creative healing arts.


Our workshops have consisted:


Kite & Card Making 

Dance and paint your mood 

Poem and Card Competitions

Street Theatre Production 

Cake Baking Competitions 

CR and its allies have been leading the Children Led Marches for Palestine,  since the start of the genocide. We have been amazed at how the children and  parents from all walks of life have taken part in this and shown full solidarity. Which  has further bridged the gap of understanding between eastern and western cultures.


If you are interested in future Creative Kindness events or would like to volunteer please follow instagram @cr3ative_kindness


CR also welcome donations  to help with purchase of creative materials.


Image by Jennie Razumnaya
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