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About Re’hilah 

Re’hilah has dedicated over a decade of her life finding and learning how to live a life full of intention, meaning, and joy, she has been healing and resolving her own traumatic experiences which have  incurred since  birth. Re’hilah  has found inner peace and resilience through her journey of healing her disconnect to herself   


Re’hilah originally  graduated with a BSC (Hons) & PGCE in Manufacturing Engineer   & Design & Technology and  has been working as  Procurement Project Manager (certified Prince 2)  for 20 years. LinkedIn


In recent years (the past 4 years)  she has  retrained as a Trauma-Informed Master Coach, Breathwork Facilitator & WombCare Practitioner and has been guiding clients to heal their own disconnect to themselves ever since.

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Re’hilah supports:

Disconnection from the self  in the form of:-


Processing - Unresolved Child Trauma (Emotional, Physical & Sexual)

Understanding family behavioral systems that lead to unhealthy attachments and habits 

Anxiety & Depression (which relates to shock overwhelment & dissociation)

Identity Crisis - that relate to Racism, Colorism, Religion   Divorce etc 

Re’hilah has created programs with all the learning and therapies she has had herself - her approach & methodology  covers the physical, emotional, mental & energy blocks we have.  When these 4 areas are blocked or misaligned, fulfillment and inner peace is difficult to attain, because all these are not in sync.

Re’hilah Why 

I’ve spent over a  decade of my life dedicated to finding the answers to some of life’s difficult questions. At the beginning of this journey, it started with the question: “why do some people seem to have it all figured out, while others struggle just to get out of bed in the morning?” Because at the time, I was the latter. Why was I struggling so much to figure out who I was and what I wanted, when my peers were pursuing their dreams (and succeeding!) right before my eyes. I just couldn’t understand. What was stopping or limiting me? 

I have also witnessed how many people suffer in silence because they're too scared to speak or speak-up, don't think  they deserve or  worthy to live their dreams, get that pay raise or go for that promotion and lots of other things.

The gracious experience of working in the office world (both public & private sector) I learnt that the term ‘office politics,’ is actually, unresolved childhood trauma.  Which,  we are all acting out  in one way or another, from  negative power trips, passive aggressive behaviors, compromising on your own values and principles to appease others and bullying.


I retrained for many reasons - the main one being so I can help/guide/coach people who feel like I did 10 years ago.  I have made this my mission to  stand for people who suffer in silence and for people who are stuck - stuck in a rut the ‘how’ and then get  entangled in that!



 I am a:-

Certified Master Coach, CEP- Coaching  (Tony Robbins - Trained)

Certified Breathwork Facilitator & Coaching  with Alchemy of Breath 

WombCare Practitioner (Mizan Therapy Training) 

Islamic Psychology  

Trauma studies with various industry experts Gabor Mate (Trauma), Diane Poole Heller (Attachment Theory & Trauma) Thomas Hubl (Collective Trauma), Along with other  trainings and certifications, hundreds of hours of personal healing and growth (and counting…), and dozens of clients who have found intention and health in their lives later, and I’ve come to know that everyone, including you, is capable of creating the life they want.

I am also a partner of Public Health Manchester City Council, who commission me to run & facilitate Education and Healing Programs for the BAME & Low Income communities.

I am all about:-

  • Context not Content 

  • Progressive healing & growth 

  • Fairness & Equality 

  • Social Justice

  • Sports 

  • Mad Adventures 

  • Love Nature especially trees 

  • Dark nights and log fires 

  • Ownership of myself

  • Self soothing

  • Not promising instant fixes

I am not about:-

  • A magic pill or wand 

  • Spiritual Bypassing 

  • Projecting pain & lacking responsibility 

  • Toxic Patriarch or matriarch

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The roller coaster of life  leaves us with our own internal battles of struggling with loneliness, disconnect, abandonment & other life storms. It’s my purpose & mission  to support others in bridging the gap between their past, present, and future; between their body, mind, spirit & energetic field; and between doing and being. Although there is no such thing as a “magic pill or wand’   that heals all at once - it is progressive life long commitment,”

I’ve found that breathwork,  meditation, womb work,  combined with a space where the client/student feels safe  and secure, along  with  deep listening and empathy, are extremely powerful tools to help facilitate the journey back to Self. It is truly an honor to be able to do this work.   

Who i Support

I support professionals over the age 30 from all walks of life who are looking for the next level of growth and evolution  and curious to go deeper within their inner world to uncover hidden treasures that have been buried due to  life's burdens.


I provide a safe and secure space for you to be authentically open and discover yourself.


 Specialize in supporting people struggling with:

  • The wounded inner child ( relating to Mother, Father & Siblings)

  • Unresolved childhood Trauma (emotional, physical, sexual & mental - leads shock, overwhelmed & dissociation)

  • Generational & Ancestral 

  • Grief & Loss  (transition from life changes, loss of loved ones)

  • Anxiety, Depression & Burnout 

Approaches  & Methods:

  • Transformational Elite Coaching

  • Conscious & Functional Breathwork

  • Somatic Experiencing 

  • Emotional Freedom Technique 

  • Compassionate Inquiry / Power of Dialogue

  • Mind Mapping and Processing Emotions

  • Womb Work


I see these  approaches as traditional & functional forms of healing and restoring & regulating  the nervous system back to health. These are all tools and 

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Image by Mitchell Hartley


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