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Services I Provide 

I support old souls who know, deep down, that there is a different way of being in this world. Bridging science-based and soulful practices, it's an honor to support my clients through their own journey back to wholeness.


1 to 1

Elite Performance Coaching - a Program that focuses the on Core Fundamentals & Foundation of life 

Trauma Informed Therapeutic  Breathwork, Mentoring Program

Womb & Abdomen Care
(Mizan Therapy)

Sad on Couch

I support those struggling with:

  • Processing - Unresolved Child Trauma (Emotional, Physical & Sexual)

  • Understanding family behavioral systems that lead to unhealthy attachments and habits 

  • Anxiety & Depression (which relates to shock overwhelment & dissociation)

  • Identity Crisis - that relate to Racism, Colorism, Religion   Divorce etc

My Approaches are

  • Transformational Elite Coaching

  • Conscious & Functional Breathwork

  • Somatic Experiencing 

  • Emotional Freedom Technique 

  • Compassionate Inquiry / Power of Dialogue

  • Mind Mapping and Processing Emotions

  • Womb Work

I am all about:-

  • Context not Content 

  • Progressive healing & growth 

  • Fairness & Equality 

  • Social Justice

  • Sports 

  • Mad Adventures 

  • Love Nature especially trees 

  • Dark nights and log fires 

  • Ownership of myself

  • Self soothing

  • Not promising instant fixes

I am not about:-

  • A magic pill or wand 

  • Spiritual Bypassing 

  • Projecting pain & lacking responsibility 

  • Toxic Patriarch or matriarch

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